Pods are "sub-camps" of a main camp, typically based around a practice or area of interest or geographical area. If you would like to create a new pod for this event, please contact the camp organizer, listed on the staff page.    
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General Camp Contact This is the pod to join if you don't recognize any of the other pods! Spacious

Darrell Duane
Spacious (Darrell Duane)'s picture
Burners in the City It's kinda like a cross between "Burning Man" and "Sex in the City"! About half of the people are from NYC and will be new to Camp Contact, the other half are from the DC area and have joined Camp Contact previously. As one casual observer commented when I showed him the guest list..... "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" -- I think that pretty much sums up our group. Nashville

Terry Bouvier
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