Camp Staff

Picture Staff Staff Vision/Requests Notes
Spacious (Darrell Duane)'s picture
Instigator: Spacious

Responsible for overall coordination of the camp.
I'm looking forward to coordinate and instigate camp! Please be in touch with your crazy ideas, vision, and join us at our meetings so we can best bring our deepest gifts to the burn!
Rachael (Rachael A)'s picture
Workshift Coordinator: Rachael


Check out the list of people at Note-- the people at are exempt from doing workshifts.

Emily (Emily Hancock)'s picture
Leave No Trace Coordinator: Emily

SpectraSpinshine (Susan Furman)'s picture
Events Coordinator: SpectraSpinshine

Responsible for collecting event descriptions, scheduling events and ensuring that event leaders have what they need to lead the events, workshops. Further, this role coordinates other aspects of the program offering, such as entering data into the burn's What Where When guide.
Blank (blank blank)'s picture
Chef & Food Manager: Blank

responsible for ensuring that the chefs have what they need and ensure that all meals have chefs lined up to lead the preparation of the meals.